Wednesday, 28 September 2011

new fairy house

have been really busy this week making new dolls and had a great idea for a huge log my other half found on beach whilst fishing, i looked at it for a long while then decided it would look great with a fairy door on it, i started then got carried away and turned it into a house.

then it just had to have toadstools, a spiral staircase and a gnomes home, its now finished i think and it looks fab,

Saturday, 24 September 2011


please note this unicorn was made using a pattern fron fantasy creations,ebay
have just done another successful craft fair and sold numerous dolls and fairy doors , am now busy trying to make more xmas stock, and pics are of a unicorn custom order that i have just managed to finish this morning makes a nice change to do a pink one all the others have been in white

my stall at vera market

loads of fun and sales at the summer market,
just wish id taken more pics of other stalls also, never mind thers always next year,lol.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

jansfabfairies, the beginning

hello, im jannette i have been making soft cloth fairy art dolls for about a year, i got carried away with the amount id made and had no more space to put them
so i decided to see if i could sell a few and here i am a year later selling, blogging and allsorts of other stuff id never done before.
having just finished a summer market in spain i am now back selling on ebay and etsy so please take a look