Friday, 30 May 2014

jansfabfairies: HELLO BLOG WORLDhope all my fav people are all wel...

jansfabfairies: HELLO BLOG WORLDhope all my fav people are all wel...: HELLO BLOG WORLD hope all my fav people are all well today i am so happy i have made small but good progress on three of my w.i.p quilt...


hope all my fav people are all well today

i am so happy i have made small but good progress on three of my w.i.p quilts
the first one being the wedding quilt, i managed to add three more squares this morning in between mopping two terraces... after gale force winds blew down my grapevine, i know my fault for not pùtting it up securely in the first place,

the second progress report is on the happy scrappy quilt where i added 5 more squares... doing a happy dance around the front room as its getting bigger by the day, wee hee

i am loving the fact that i get to use sooooo many differant colours

and lots of bead and trims
oooh and this is my BORO inspired quilt, i know i said i would do one piece on it per day....but hey i get side tracked easily with other things, so made made sure i put three pieces on it this morning, in fact i think ive had a really goood productive morning, now i think i may have to have another cup of tea while i ponder over doing the ironing , or not as the case may be,lol,
ok then my dear bloggers im off again now to get the kettle on and maybe find some more amazing blogs to read,then i will do the ironing

bye bye

Thursday, 29 May 2014


i just could not wait any longer for more squares so i started to put
my next quilt together
not got far so far but heres a sneak peak it will be twice the size tomorrow

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

oh my have just come back from a 45 min bike ride, need exercise you see, sitting sewing 24/7 is no good.....well 45 mins you say is that all, but i can tell you in the heat it is quite tiring....mind you i did stop off in the charity shop on the way...and filled my backpack with this weeks stash of preloved sheeting fabrics
when washed dried and aired all will be cut into 9" squares ready for my cathedral windows crazy quilt, am so determined to get this one to double bed size,lol
so this little pile when i got my breath back was cut up ready for the ironing board where i shall iron in my seam allowance
and this is a square i have just finished beading i am soooo pleased with how its turned out ,not sure if you can see the beading properly, but i lovey it,
okey dokey have to go and visit some more blogs, following -2 bags full -and there are so many other beautiful blogs to follow i fear i shall be on there a while, ok by for now jannette

Monday, 26 May 2014

ooh its monday again so begins another week, not much to show you today although i have started to put together the wedding inspired quilt

through the middle, and have added the buttons

im thinking i would love to do some crazy quilt stitching on here at some point , i have began adding the wedding bling that i bought off of a lady who had 14 pieces in a bag, complete bargain so i had to have them, well that it for today as i have a wedding dress to alter and grooms trousers to take up also, then somebody else needs curtains made into pillowcases , no rest for the wicked eh...........xxxx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

ooh its sunday , nice and peaceful here in sunny spain , have been sat in garden most of day so far sewing cathedral window squares ready for my next three quilts that i have planned in my head

the top pic is of these said squares all in white and creams with lace inserts and a bit of embroidery anglaise, all have beeen reclaimed from old clothes and sheets , very eco friendly as usual
all i want to do now is get on my machine and start putting them together maybe adding some white shirt buttons
im also thinking i wanna add some more details not sure what yet but will let you know what i come up with
the second pic is of the BORO inspired quilt that i have started but im not finding enough time to concentrate on it, so my plan is to add one square by hand each day
im also trying to add all offcuts of leftover lace to it as well as i just love lace at the moment
the brown piece of woolen skirt i also added as when i was googling boro i noticed a lot of browns were also used as well as reds, so i may have to search some red fabrics also
anyways i am now rambling on , when i really want to sew some more, so i will leave you all for now, hopefully be back when i have more interesting pictures to show you, have a superb sunday all bye for now

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

nothing much to report today, have been to see tax man so thats one less thing to do this week, i looked... and i stared at the floors, that need sweeping and mopping, then i moved straight onto the computer as thats more interesting, he he he
have made a few more square blocks for my new quilt but even thats going sooo slow, either that or time is moving double fast

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ok so not much going on here today still trying to finish my friends 700+ soap bags just not getting anywhere fast, the sun has decided to hide itself behind a big grey cloud
i want to do a little test to see if anyone actually reads this blog, can you actually see my posts
or are they not showing up anywhere as i only have one follower i can only assume no one reads this blog
so again i am talking to myself ,lmao
if you can see this blog please could you just hit follow me button or just leave me a little hi in messages so i know people can see me
even if you are not interested in what i do or say
i would be very very grateful thankyou

Friday, 9 May 2014

wow busy day today, whats on my worktable, well firstly i have to make up at least 700 soap bags for my soap making friend, i have managed to complete 200 in two days, but have now been waylayed by a lady wanting alterations
that is now complete
i have started my version of boro quilt which is going pretty well, but is going to take foreverrrrr
and i also managed to finish some more purses i just love the fact that i stumbled across some gold coloured chain while i was in a chinese shop yesterday ,this finishes them off perfectly,
ok so some piccies of whats going on today

so love this

the blue in center of window is a beautiful embroidered flower which came 
from a pillow my mum sent to me the other week and i think it works
this is a sneeky peeky of the boro inspired quilt i would love to become a double bed size
but knowing me very well i think i may just make up it to a lap quilt size he he he
this is whats actually sitting on my work table at this moment in time, i really do need to make a start on this pile, these little bags are for my soapy friend jen, who makes all of her own soap, each one made from locally sourced ingredients and are eco friendly, no rubbish in her soaps
ok so my mind wandered again and i had an idea to make this bag, the idea came from a picture of a canvas i saw on the web the other day , and this is what i ended up with, its not too big and not too small, but i just love the little houses, ok i think i must get and do some more work instead of sitting here rambling on and on as i know nobody is listening to me,lol, xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 May 2014

now what else have i been up to, oh yes

i sooo love making these little wallets, they are lined with a silky fabric with a gorgeous little dress notepad and pen, wonderful gifts, i think the family will be getting these this xmas

they have a pocket to the side for your phone,more paper or for keys etc, you decide, you can find
these for sale on facebook/jansfabfairies or message me here if interested

oooh i think i showed you the wrong pics of lap quilt, heres the right ones lol, its getting late

ooh now thats better....this is the new lap quilt, with lace and ribbon

so i think its time to show you all what else i have made in my busy little life,
this was just a little thing i had in my head you know when you go to bed ,lights out and then all of a sudden you jump up and back out to grab some paper and a pen because theres an idea you want to make right now, but you are too tired

oooooh so i have been a busy little bee lately, i have just finished another lap quilt in cathedral windows patchwork, loving it as usual, it is in my etsy shop if youd like to view it ...jansfabfairies...
anyway i have also made some more squares and i am really determined to make this one at least double bed sized, she says but then gets bored, and only ends up to be lap size again.
but hey i have also been reading up on boro quilts, i was on someone blog yesterday who was talking about the japanese art of boro...boro..meaning rag strips,,,and how they used to repair all their clothes with mostly straight stitches...and now i want to make one as i cant afford to pay like 6,000 dollars for one
if you get the chance google boro, it is very interesting
i will show you how this pans out if i dont get bored with it
does any one else get bored of making things that are bigger then their attention span, especially when it is all stitched by hand, let me know
anyway its getting late and i have so much to show you picture wise, i think i still have to show you some new bags i made the other day,

it is 98%handstitched with each block of 4 squares being joined with zigzag on the machine
i then stitched down the middle with ribbon, each block took about 1 hour to make by hand