Thursday, 27 March 2014

ok im bored now, need to go and finish some more sewing i have pincushions on the way and they are screaming at me to finish them and i need to post my fabric journal also, but for now i will show you millicent another fab fairy with attitude

omg i have made it here again ,twice in two days its unheard of, so whats new in blogging world, how do i get people to come over here and take a look, i visit quite a few fellow bloggers but not sure how to make this interesting enough to get peoples to follow me, will have to do some research here me thinks as its no fun talking to myself,lol,

anyways today i thought id show you a cathedral windows lap quilt, each block is stitched entirely by hand, then the blocks are machine stitched together to speed up production time, i then stitched lace down each block and added buttons, it took more then 30 hours to make this one...hope you like it

this is actually a second quilt id made but these pictures look better than the other ones, my photography skills aint that great

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

ok so that wasnt too bad, managed to remember how to post on here, ha ha ha...the next photo im sharing is of mildred my fab fairy with attitude, loved making these, she is still for sale over on my facebook page if interested

my crappy blogging

i am so rubbish at this blogging malarky but i just thought i would share some of my makes from last year to now, even though it all goes on my facebook page, stupid i can go on there every day with no problem but when it comes down to blogging on here its actually non existent
these notepad and pen sets, they are made from preloved fabrics, and handstitched traditional styly, in the form of cathedral windows patchwork