Friday, 21 November 2014


i know it been a while, yet again i forgot to keep in touch, lol, so here goes met some amazing peoples today at a xmas craft fair, and also made a few sales wee hee

i have been working hard these past few weeks on my new fairy creations, fairy houses, tree houses,

all made from recycled items as always

the base is plastic water bottles covered in kitchen roll with pva glue

then painted

then decorated

they all come with a little tealight which is battery operated so perfectly safe for tiny hands, the smaller versions i made with bottle bas and felt covered and they are so adorable in the dark, sorry cannot get decent pics from my phone in the dark to show you, i def need a pro photographer for this, so heres some piccies to show you
7" high and is covered with felt, and can be personalised with names

a money box, the cork top comes off so you can put money in and take out, it has a christmas theme going on, with snow xmas tree and wreath on the front door

and is sold......

of the one that is sold...pinecones and see urchins....

curtains in all the new houses cus i think its sooo sweet
ok thats it for today, dont want to over do it
speaky soon
jannette xxx