Thursday, 3 March 2016

ok so here goes with some more photos
of fabric art greetings cards
 love the sea views

black and white cards...classic

 loving the bright orange of this card...nice and vibrant and would look so good on the wall

 and the fairies are still with us....

now lets see if i can remember how to post on here, lol
its been that long, almost a year now, 
its strange cos i always post on facebook and have no problem i can do that everyday
day but when it comes to blogging i just lose the plot
but here goes anyways, 

 dont you just love hanging hearts

i have just started to make greeting cards again, i was in the shops the other day looking
fo mothers day cards as you do, but they all looked samey samey, oh and mass produced
so i decided to get my stuff out
and make some
these are not just ordinary cards either, they are 2 for 1......each card has been made 
with fabrics out of my scrap box and old and vintage laces along with buttons
beads ,flowers, ribbons,net and whatever else was to hand..
so now you have a work of art also, so the recipient now has a gift that they can frame 
and hang on the wall, cool eh

i have done so many things in one year
that i probably wont remember to add photos of it all, but i shall try

Monday, 20 April 2015

long time no see
have a load of things to show you, have just come back from holidays so i thought it about time i updated this boring page, just in case anyone is interested
is this gorgeous purple fairy with her little handbag

 secondly we have this pink fairy with new fabrics, not preloved as usual, i suddenly had the urge to buy new fabrics as i was bored with whats left in my stash
 and meet megan i have a lovely lady who collects fabrics for me so i named this fairy after her granddaughter, just loving that hair
 oooh and this is dotty, she also has new fabrics
 my son and i are always walking the beach and collecting seashells and driftwood and sea foam and practically anything else of interest so with a huge stash of large shells......piling up.....what do you do with i said id never make jewellery but....and its a big but....i had this urge to make some necklaces primarily for the kids, but have sold some to adults....and this is what i came up with, now i think its acceptable as i still have the fairy theme, lol.....
 and then what to do with a big bucket full of driftwood, not fairy doors this time but tiny fairy houses this one has now got windows
 oooh and then came the idea to take it all one step further so i came up with these creations, for the large shells with no holes for necklaces i painted them bright colours and made them into little fairy houses with shell roofs that just reminded me of a thatch what do you think......there are hooks at the bottom of these for jewellery, dog leashes, or plain old keys
 and i just had to slip in a picture or two or three he he he

 think this may be my favourite
 oooh and flowers key holder

with windows so much nicer

Friday, 21 November 2014


i know it been a while, yet again i forgot to keep in touch, lol, so here goes met some amazing peoples today at a xmas craft fair, and also made a few sales wee hee

i have been working hard these past few weeks on my new fairy creations, fairy houses, tree houses,

all made from recycled items as always

the base is plastic water bottles covered in kitchen roll with pva glue

then painted

then decorated

they all come with a little tealight which is battery operated so perfectly safe for tiny hands, the smaller versions i made with bottle bas and felt covered and they are so adorable in the dark, sorry cannot get decent pics from my phone in the dark to show you, i def need a pro photographer for this, so heres some piccies to show you
7" high and is covered with felt, and can be personalised with names

a money box, the cork top comes off so you can put money in and take out, it has a christmas theme going on, with snow xmas tree and wreath on the front door

and is sold......

of the one that is sold...pinecones and see urchins....

curtains in all the new houses cus i think its sooo sweet
ok thats it for today, dont want to over do it
speaky soon
jannette xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

oh my what a busy summer, but hey im now back, and ready to go, xmas is quickly coming around again so i am going to start fillin my etsy shop, there is a buttom right at the bottom of this page if youd like to nose around or you can find out whats new on my facebook page, but just for starters heres a few more cute cuddlies for you, and yes ive changed their name as it sounds better
 their arms have been double stitched in ,
 their cute faces are made of felt and zig zag stitched on

 all are made from recycled fabrics and are nearly all cotton fabrics except the last one
 they all measure approx 12" high depending on the size of their ears

this one is in fur fabric, they are all fully washable in the machine at 40 degrees and are baby safe, all filled with polyester stuffing

Saturday, 5 July 2014


just so you dont think ive been sat here doing nothing
i thought id share with you my new little SILLY SOFTIES
i made them just for fun out of mostly recycled vintage type fabrics

they are suitable for babies to adults

polyester infill and measure approx 25cm to top of head not including the ears
and about 12cm across hips arms all vary in lengh as do their ears
had great fun making these mostly from leftover sheets and lace

 i think thats all for today, may have more to show you next week so feel free to drop back in then
the night market is going great and i really must remember to take some pics to show
you all, 
ta ta for now j xxxx