Thursday, 3 March 2016

now lets see if i can remember how to post on here, lol
its been that long, almost a year now, 
its strange cos i always post on facebook and have no problem i can do that everyday
day but when it comes to blogging i just lose the plot
but here goes anyways, 

 dont you just love hanging hearts

i have just started to make greeting cards again, i was in the shops the other day looking
fo mothers day cards as you do, but they all looked samey samey, oh and mass produced
so i decided to get my stuff out
and make some
these are not just ordinary cards either, they are 2 for 1......each card has been made 
with fabrics out of my scrap box and old and vintage laces along with buttons
beads ,flowers, ribbons,net and whatever else was to hand..
so now you have a work of art also, so the recipient now has a gift that they can frame 
and hang on the wall, cool eh

i have done so many things in one year
that i probably wont remember to add photos of it all, but i shall try