Friday, 15 February 2013

where does time go

omg it been  over a week since last time, i have been soooo busy experimenting but having soooo much fun, i saw some gorgeous revamped bottles on pinterest and decided i needed some of these only had on wine bottle so here is my effort, it may not be brilliant but i love it

then mark decided i should make some capes to add to my fairy coats so this is what i turned out
the purple one is soo soft the stripey chenille is to die for,im liking them both,
hope to post fairy coats soon as i dont have any on here

there are plenty more pages in here just did not photogragh them all sorry

ooh almost forgot i did manage to make up some more photo albums as i sold out of them over the xmas period, one is now complete and i added buttons to the spina after id taken photo will show rest when ive finished, well thats another week over and no school run tomorow yippee, lye in, yeah right
bye bye