Tuesday, 10 June 2014


YEY just finished 2 works in progress and have now caught up with myself and that feels good

the first one is the BORO inspired lap quilt i told you about a while ago, it was going sooo slow
but yesterday i sat there all day just to finish it, i even hand stitched the binding to the edge, which let me tell you was not easy
my fingers hurt badly when i finished it
but im really pleased with the look of it, well worth the wait
it measures in at approx 48 in x 54 in
and noooo i did not back it as i like to be able to see the stitches on both sides ,lol

and for my second item i finished a beautiful cathedral window cushion cover it measures in at 40cm x 40cm, and the front is totally hand sewn, it is in lilac and white squares with heart windows, and i i have stitched little flowers at random , hope you like it, both will be in etsy shop laters, the link of which is at bottom of page

hope you all have a fabulous day, im now off to finish another cushion cover, with a betty boop theme, just because i found the fabric hidden in my cupboard xxxxx