Tuesday, 3 June 2014

attention lapse again

ooops had another lapse of concentration yesterday, my wedding photo was staring at me and begging to be put into a frame, but what to do when you dont have one the right size....you make one, it is entirely made from recycled fabric and wedding bits...of course..the windows are cut from marks tie, the bling at top from my tiara, the lace along bottom edge was my garter and bow at top was wrapped around my bouquet,
sorry its a bit blurry but you can get the idea,.......

before i had this lapse i did finish and add more squares to my quilt, it is now 6 squares by 6, i also spent a little bit of time on my boro inspired quilt which is growing quite rapidly
im loving the bits of red that ive added, this kinda works for me and makes it less boring in colour,....ok i think thats it for my w.i.p.s.......off to do some sewing before son gets home from school xxxxxxx