Thursday, 26 June 2014

good morning

yes i know ive been rather quiet, but i have just started the summer market,where by i work 3 nights a week selling on my market stall to tourists and locals

i have however managed to finish a few little pieces in between
but i warn you i may only post once a fortnight until the beginning of september
this is when the market will finish for another year
the good thing about this market is you get to meet lots of interesting like minded people
who actually love what you do
anyways enough blabbing on or i wont actually want to do any sewing today
and its soooo hot that i may just have to take an hour out to visit the pool, lol
my first W I P finished was this wedding lap quilt
sorry only took one pic of this will get more laters

i then tried my hand at rag quilting and at first i didnt like it, but after i washed it to fluff it up a bit i kinda of really do like it now , he he he

next up i made two more of the little notepad sets as these are selling really well with the spanish so already im running out of them, the only problem is now the shop where i was getting the little dress notepads from say they cannot get any more, ooooh nooooo, what to do now big problem, have to probably spend a whole day trying to source them somewhere else miles away, any ways i think i will leave the new photo album for tomorrows post, please come again soon, bye bye x