Thursday, 8 May 2014

oooooh so i have been a busy little bee lately, i have just finished another lap quilt in cathedral windows patchwork, loving it as usual, it is in my etsy shop if youd like to view it ...jansfabfairies...
anyway i have also made some more squares and i am really determined to make this one at least double bed sized, she says but then gets bored, and only ends up to be lap size again.
but hey i have also been reading up on boro quilts, i was on someone blog yesterday who was talking about the japanese art of boro...boro..meaning rag strips,,,and how they used to repair all their clothes with mostly straight stitches...and now i want to make one as i cant afford to pay like 6,000 dollars for one
if you get the chance google boro, it is very interesting
i will show you how this pans out if i dont get bored with it
does any one else get bored of making things that are bigger then their attention span, especially when it is all stitched by hand, let me know
anyway its getting late and i have so much to show you picture wise, i think i still have to show you some new bags i made the other day,

it is 98%handstitched with each block of 4 squares being joined with zigzag on the machine
i then stitched down the middle with ribbon, each block took about 1 hour to make by hand