Friday, 9 May 2014

wow busy day today, whats on my worktable, well firstly i have to make up at least 700 soap bags for my soap making friend, i have managed to complete 200 in two days, but have now been waylayed by a lady wanting alterations
that is now complete
i have started my version of boro quilt which is going pretty well, but is going to take foreverrrrr
and i also managed to finish some more purses i just love the fact that i stumbled across some gold coloured chain while i was in a chinese shop yesterday ,this finishes them off perfectly,
ok so some piccies of whats going on today

so love this

the blue in center of window is a beautiful embroidered flower which came 
from a pillow my mum sent to me the other week and i think it works
this is a sneeky peeky of the boro inspired quilt i would love to become a double bed size
but knowing me very well i think i may just make up it to a lap quilt size he he he
this is whats actually sitting on my work table at this moment in time, i really do need to make a start on this pile, these little bags are for my soapy friend jen, who makes all of her own soap, each one made from locally sourced ingredients and are eco friendly, no rubbish in her soaps
ok so my mind wandered again and i had an idea to make this bag, the idea came from a picture of a canvas i saw on the web the other day , and this is what i ended up with, its not too big and not too small, but i just love the little houses, ok i think i must get and do some more work instead of sitting here rambling on and on as i know nobody is listening to me,lol, xxxxxxxxxx