Sunday, 18 May 2014

ooh its sunday , nice and peaceful here in sunny spain , have been sat in garden most of day so far sewing cathedral window squares ready for my next three quilts that i have planned in my head

the top pic is of these said squares all in white and creams with lace inserts and a bit of embroidery anglaise, all have beeen reclaimed from old clothes and sheets , very eco friendly as usual
all i want to do now is get on my machine and start putting them together maybe adding some white shirt buttons
im also thinking i wanna add some more details not sure what yet but will let you know what i come up with
the second pic is of the BORO inspired quilt that i have started but im not finding enough time to concentrate on it, so my plan is to add one square by hand each day
im also trying to add all offcuts of leftover lace to it as well as i just love lace at the moment
the brown piece of woolen skirt i also added as when i was googling boro i noticed a lot of browns were also used as well as reds, so i may have to search some red fabrics also
anyways i am now rambling on , when i really want to sew some more, so i will leave you all for now, hopefully be back when i have more interesting pictures to show you, have a superb sunday all bye for now