Tuesday, 27 May 2014

oh my have just come back from a 45 min bike ride, need exercise you see, sitting sewing 24/7 is no good.....well 45 mins you say is that all, but i can tell you in the heat it is quite tiring....mind you i did stop off in the charity shop on the way...and filled my backpack with this weeks stash of preloved sheeting fabrics
when washed dried and aired all will be cut into 9" squares ready for my cathedral windows crazy quilt, am so determined to get this one to double bed size,lol
so this little pile when i got my breath back was cut up ready for the ironing board where i shall iron in my seam allowance
and this is a square i have just finished beading i am soooo pleased with how its turned out ,not sure if you can see the beading properly, but i lovey it,
okey dokey have to go and visit some more blogs, following -2 bags full -and there are so many other beautiful blogs to follow i fear i shall be on there a while, ok by for now jannette